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The Lakewood Courtyard is not only concerned with providing materialistic needs, but is equally aware of its obligation to meet and exceed our resident's spiritual needs.

The Lakewood Courtyard, which is nestled on serene Lake Carasaljo, is in the heart of the Lakewood Heimish Community. Our residents are encouraged to be productive members of the community, thereby maintaining a sense of well-being and security.

The Lakewood Courtyard boasts its own beautifully designed Shul (synagogue) with daily Minyanim (services), which is also attended by many local families who live nearby.

We have a Daily Daf Yomi Shiur (lecture) and a large variety of Seforim for all to use. Shiurim and Lectures, given by The Lakewood Courtyard’s own Rabbi, and other guest lecturers, truly give the residents a sense of connection of being part of their own community.

The Lakewood Courtyard is proud to have many of our own distinguised residents continue to give inspiring lectures and Torah Classes, as they have done throughout their whole lives.

The Lakewood Courtyard’s kitchen, under strict rabbinical supervision, provides three glatt kosher meals daily, as well as Shabbos and Yom Tov Seudos. There is also a Simcha room for residents to use for family Simchos and gatherings. The Lakewood Courtyard preserves the pride, dignity and self respect of our seniors – the ultimate fulfillment of Kabaid Es Avicha V’es Emecha…Honor Thy Father and Mother.


Shabbos and Yom Tov at the Lakewood Courtyard are truly celebrated in the traditional Heimish way as our Mama's have done. Gefilte fish, Matzoh Balls and Potato Kugel are only the beginning. Beautiful niggunim (songs) and zemiros are sung at each Seudah. Inspirational kumzitz style singing for the women are indeed one of the highlights every Shabbos.

There are always local families and children that come by for a tranquil Shabbos afternnon visit and hear stories about our Bubby's and Zeidy's from yesteryear.

After spending one Shabbos Seudah at the Lakewood Courtyard, many family members return again and again to spend more time in the Heimish and lively atmosphere that permeate the air on Shabbos.

The Lakewood Courtyard location in the heart of lakewood, allows grandparents a great opportunity to be visited by the grandchildren who live closeby.

The Lakewood Courtyard prides itself on keeping families connected and linking generations. Children and grandchildren are always invited to participate in activities and meals with Bubby and Zeidy.

Many of our Activities are specifically designed to appeal to both older and younger generations to enjoy.

Carnivals, Petting Zoos, Boutique Sales, etc. allow grandparents and their young grandchildren to both participate and bond while having a great time together.


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